Almost made me cry. This is the love I want to find in my future spouse and how he loves our kids. I can't wait to meet him.

This is the best kind of father.  I wish all fathers would be this concerned with their welfare of their daughters. It seems to me that many fathers now are to concerned with their own welfare and getting ahead that they forget to care for others.


The Seigarnik Effect

  • What it is: a realization by a scientist that we remember what we do not finish.
Young Bluma Zeigarnik  Zeigarnik effect

Young Bluma Zeigarnik

  • How it happened: Bluma Zeigarnik was watching waitresses.  They could remember their unfinished orders with crazy clarity.  However they couldn’t remember their completed orders as well.


So if you are a procrastinator (I know I am), then breathe a sigh of relief.  By beginning whatever you are procrastinating on, you can finish it faster because it begins to bug you more.


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